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  1. Dear Ms. Ellen Brown,

    Could we have transcripts..please. Michael Husdon’s site does it..even a better machine version. Reading is 8 to 10 times as fast as listening…many times easier to review key points. I never watch a video of more than about two minutes.



  2. Ellen for president

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    • Hi Roacheforque
      Your blog seems to be invite only
      how do I get an invite?

      • Have been enjoying your blog for many years until last week.
        I now receive a splash page from google asking me to login to continue.
        I have never had a google account. Isn’t your site private?
        Blocked in Canada

    • Hi Roacheforque. I am also having trouble accessing your blog. A couple of months ago when I discovered your blog I had no trouble getting access, however I am now getting the message that it is invite only. Such a shame. Your blog is good. Any chance of an invite?

  3. States can issue credits to citizens who have lost their jobs or been impacted (but abandoned by the Federal “plan”) on their own block-chain systems (should have been well developed by now) and these will be accepted by merchants or exchangeable for dollars. A state-wide currency like that will start a soft revolution among the states.

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