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  1. Banking would be best if the utility that was added was fully decentralized right down to the individual , based on the use of debt-free sovereign assets.

    An apex, any apex , is a dangerous place, even at the state level;.

  2. Intelligent people .. most of whom can read at at least 500 wpm for this kind of material.. don’t want to waste time …listening to a video.

    Semi literate morons..maybe but that is not your target audience.

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  3. Hi Ellen. we both know that passing a law making public banking the law is too little too late. That boat left a long time ago. What we need and what we are getting is a new form of organized anarchy combined with bartering and every way possible to turn gold into gold and not fake money or fake gold or fake internet money of any kind.


  4. The banks need nationalized. The credit control device needs to be changed to all liabilities and reserve ratios. But most important is that the banks be driven out of the savings business (releasing and activating frozen savings). There is $15,000,000,000,000.00 that is un-used and un-spent, lost to both consumption and investment, indeed to any type of payment or expenditure. How so? The banks pay for their earning assets with new money – not existing deposits. Savings transferred through the nonbanks, the bank’s customers, never leaves the payment’s system. There is just an exchange in the ownership of pre-existing deposit liabilities in the payment’s system (a velocity relationship).

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